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"Jane was President of Women's Club for a few years and was a very great lady for those of you who didn't know her. She had a really great smile and could light up a room." Debbie Wagor 

"Jane was a delight to work with. Her enthusiasm and vision for the Grand Lake Center was pivotal for the project. Warm best wishes to all her friends and family."

Corinne Lively

"A very smart, sweet, kind, generous lady. Much missed."


" I had the pleasure of working with Jane when she was President and I was Secretary.  The two of us and Patty Stahl organized the luncheon for the first Ride the Rockies trip to Grand Lake that must have been a huge success because they repeated the ride two years later and they rarely do that.  Jane and I also organized a candidate forum that year at the Fire Station and had standing room only.  Jane was a delight to work with because she followed through on anything she took responsibility for.   She was great asset to Grand Lake!"  Muriel Johnson

Jane Binford Memorial

Jane Binford pres.jpeg

"So sorry to hear that she was battling cancer. She was a favorite of mine for the short time I knew her. Very community minded and so friendly and sharp. Last I knew she was in Alaska and I don’t think she had come back. Maybe others know. So very sad to lose her!"  Martha Boehner 

"I also enjoyed knowing and working with Jane.  One spring I got to help Karen and Jane plan the Women's Club programs for that year.  Everyone we called knew Jane, and said Yes, they'd an easy task.

The last time we saw her was here in Grand Lake for her 75th birthday bash.  She asked Joe to take the family pictures.  It was a fun, high energy afternoon, as you can imagine!  I will miss her." Julie Cunningham


"Jane had moved to Loveland from Alaska.  I was working at the Kauffman House last September when I heard her voice on the front porch.  She was in Grand Lake for a reunion with her entire family.  She looked great and they were all planning to attend a Broncos game the next day.  She will be missed." Patti Stahl

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